Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Conducts its Friends Meeting in Nairobi

The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) organised a Friends of EASF (FoE) Meeting on 9th May at the Trademark Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Defence Attachés (DAs) and Advisors from various Diplomatic Missions accredited to Kenya, including Representatives from EASF Member States, attended the Meeting.

 The Friends received a briefing on the Region's security situation and recent events' impact on Countries and Communities. In addition to armed conflict and other political crises, the recent heavy rains and subsequent flooding have caused significant damages and losses in the Countries in the Region. This includes hundreds of deaths, hundreds of thousands of displaced and homeless people, as well as the destruction of infrastructure and other economic losses.

“More joint effort”

The current security challenges and threats in the Eastern Africa Region, the continent and the World as a whole need more joint effort to deter and address them. We do hope that this Union of Friends will grow for the mutual interest and shared values that are a noble Vision towards Peace and Security of Eastern African region and beyond”, declared Director of EASF Secretariat, Brig (Rtd) Paul Kahuria Njema.

The Friends further received an update on EASF's achievements since the last FoE Meeting, held in Nairobi in September 2023. In addition, EASF presented its priorities as directed by the Policy Organs Meeting held in January 2024 including planned activities in 2024 and the potential areas of cooperation. The activities include among others, strengthening the Early Warning capabilities, conducting the first EASF Maritime Command Post Exercise, supporting the EASF plan on Humanitarian Assistance and Natural Disasters Support (HANDS), prioritizing Preventive Diplomacy and Mediation, as well as addressing Non-Traditional and Emerging Threats.

The progress achieved by peace and security institutions like EASF is paramount. It is for this reason that we are here this morning to update you, our partners, on the progress of implementation of our Mission and Vision. Towards this, EASF continues to plan for activities that enable the Organization to achieve its Mandate,” emphasized the Director EASF.

“An important role”

EASF invited partners to contribute and support the Organization in implementing its Mission.

EASF generally has a good grip of this, but it is always good with different perspectives and external inspiration and this is where friends and partners can play an important role,” said the Chairperson of the FoE and DA of the Royal Danish Embassy in Nairobi, Col Jens G. Lindvig. “I therefore encourage you all to reach out to EASF to understand where your expertise can benefit EASF and Eastern Africa and assist in restoring and maintaining regional peace and stability,” he added.

Celebrating the milestones

2024 is a special year since it marks the 20th anniversary of the existence of EASF, which started as the Eastern Africa Standby Brigade in 2004, and the 10th anniversary of having attained Full Operational Capability (FOC) as the Eastern Africa Standby Force in its current integrated form.

When it comes to regional peace and stability there are many challenges and no easy questions, but EASF may have some of the answers. You can convey these to your capitals and at the same time promote EASF as a valuable tool for peace and stability in Eastern Africa,” advocated Col Jens G. Lindvig at the end of his statement.

The Friends of EASF is an informal group of Nations and Institutions united by a shared commitment to nurturing peace and security within the Eastern Africa Region and beyond. This Forum is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the efforts of EASF. Regular interactions between FoE and EASF facilitate the exchange of vital insights and the exploration of avenues for potential collaboration and assistance. The International Advisory and Coordination Staff (IACS) Offices which are collocated with the EASF Secretariat in Nairobi, serve as a plug-and-play interface for all Friends committed to engaging with expertise or resources.

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