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African Union and EASF Issues Joint Statement on Elections in Comoros

EOM_Comoros_FinEASF has successfully concluded its Election Observer Mission (EOM) in the Union of Comoros with some important recommendations.

In a joint preliminary statement issued on 16th January 2024 by the EASF and African Union, both the AU Head of Mission (HoM) and the EASF HoM, reiterated the need for a peaceful post-election period and inclusive dialogue to address existing political divisions in the country. The Eastern Africa Standby Force Election Observer Mission was led by H.E Bernard Makuza, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda and a total of 24 observers from Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda were deployed on Moheli, Anjouan and Moroni to observe the process. The National Election Commission (CENI) announced the official results on January 16 and following the announcement of the results protests broke out in the capital Moroni.

The EASF-EOM assessment was based on relevant provisions of the AU African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance of 2012, other relevant international instruments on election observation, and the National Legal Framework governing elections in the Union of Comoros.

In the joint preliminary statement issued by the AU and the EASF, a series of key recommendations were made, notably, the need to create optimal conditions for Dialogue inclusive between all the vital forces of the Nation to find beaches of convergences likely to improve the electoral and political system; establish Consultation Framework and ensure the effectiveness of the measures to be taken to transcend existing political divisions and dissensions, undertake qualitative reform of the Constitution and the Electoral Code to clarify once and for all contentious issues to ensure a more consensual legal framework in the future. EASF will issue its final comprehensive report on the election process held in Comoros by the end of March 2024. 


Click here for joint AU and EASF Statement

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