Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

Safeguarding the rights of children

Child ProtectionThe AU considers the rights, protection and welfare of children integral to its overall agenda for sustainable peace and security in Africa. To ensure the realization of the rights, protection and welfare of girls and boys, the AU has put in place; laws, policies, mechanisms and tools that if properly implemented will make Africa fit for its children. Conflict impacts on children differently and disproportionately which calls for deliberate measures to ensure that child protection is integrated into all African Union (AU) Peace Support Operations’ (PSOs) mandates, policies and programs.

In light of the above, the Police Component organized a Child Protection Course in the Union of Comoros from 21st – 28th September, 2023 with the aim to enlighten the Regional Police Officers on children rights in PSOs as an important strategy for enhancing the operational effectiveness of police officers deployed in peace missions.  The Opening Ceremony was presided over the by Director General of Police IGP Nassif Kaissane at the the Retaj Hotel on 21st September, 2023.  

The Participants were drawn from all EASF Member States and the Facilitation Team included Regional Police Trainers and Mentors from Danish Police.  The course was fully funded by the Danish Police.

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