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EASF's C3IS Training Programme Kicks-Off

The Eastern Africa Standby Force launched its Command, Control, Communication and Information System (C3IS) training programme on 14th March 2022 at the Kenya Commercial Bank Leadership Center in Karen, Nairobi Kenya.

The training is scheduled to be conducted for a period of the next five days with participants drawn from EASF Structures and a detachment of the Signal Pledged Units of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

The training programme was officially opened by the Planning Element's (PLANELM) Joint Chief of Staff (JCOS), Brig Gen PSC Dr Osman Mohammed Abbas. In his keynote speech, Brig Gen Abbas emphasized on the need for continuous capacity building for the CIS units in order to equip personnel with the relevant knowledge and proficiencies to execute their responsibilities in accordance with a specific mission's mandate.
The training has been designed to address both the theoretical and practical field lessons in areas such as satellite communications systems, computer networking, setup and configuration of various types of data and voice communications servers and the integration and management of such components among others.

Upon completion of the ongoing training programme, the CIS personnel including C3IS capability will be tested in the forthcoming Command Post Exercise (CPX) Mashariki Salaam 2022 which is to be conducted at the same venue.

 Photo Gallery: EASF's C3IS Training Programme Kicks-Off

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