Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

EASF Organs

Organs of EASF

In order to ensure the realization of its vision and mission, the EASF affairs are managed by Policy Organs, which are structured at three levels, namely: the Assembly of Eastern Africa Heads of State and Government, the Eastern Africa Council of Ministers of Defence and Security, and the Eastern Africa Committee of Chiefs of Defence Staff (EACDS).

The Assembly

The Assembly is the supreme authority of the EASF. It consists of the Heads of State and Government of Member States. It formulates policy, directs and controls the functioning of the EASF. The Assembly authorizes the deployment of the EASF in accordance with the Constitutive Act of the African Union and the PSC Protocol.

The Assembly meets once a year and at any time upon the request of any Member State and upon the agreement of the majority of the Member States.

The  Council of Ministers of Defence and Security

The Council of Ministers is made up of Ministers of Defence and Security of the EASF Member States that are signatory to the MOU.

The Council of Ministers manages all aspects relating to the EASF. The Council appoints Director and Heads of Department of the EASFSEC, the heads of EASF Structures as well as the EASF Commander upon recommendation of the Committee of Chiefs of Defence Staff for stand-alone missions within the Eastern Africa region. The Council meets twice a year.

The Committee of Chiefs of Defence Staff (EACDS)

The Committee is made up of the Chiefs of Defence Staff of EASF Member States signatory to the MOU.

The Committee serves as an advisory Military Committee of the Council of Ministers and the Assembly. It oversees, directs and manages the PLANELM, the Standby Brigade Headquarters, and the Logistics Base on all matters and oversees and directs the EASFSEC on technical matters. The Committee meets twice a year.   

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