Enhancing Peace and Security in the Eastern Africa Region

The EASF Chiefs of Defence Staff are in Khartoum

The Committee of Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence and Security (EACDS) held their meeting on Sunday 16th December 2018, in Khartoum, in the Republic of the Sudan. The meeting, which forms part of the 25th Ordinary Session of the EASF

Policy Organs, was graced by H.E. Gen. PSC. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ebnaoof the Defence Minister of the Republic of the Sudan.

In his opening speech, Gen.PSC. Awad Mohammed said, “EASF has recorded significant progress over the years in the area of Peace, Security and Stability, commendable strides have been made in the operationalization of the Eastern Africa Standby Force. We have as a region achieved Full Operational Capability, way back in Dec 2014”. The Guest of Honour emphasised further, “our primary effort moving forward is the sustenance of the operational readiness. We have at our disposal a set of instruments to mitigate issues relating to conflicts and conflict prevention.”

Gen.PSC. Mohammed elaborated more; “We must address in earnest the challenges encountered in the implementation of commitments entered into by our Member States, we must pool our efforts together, making full use of existing cooperative arrangements. We must build partnerships with other members of the international community to further our regional agenda and the interests of our people.”

The EASF Director Dr.Abdillahi Omar Bouh updated the EACDS on the progress the organization has made since the 24th Ordinary Policy Organs' Meetings that were held in the Republic of  Rwanda in July 2018. The 25th Policy Organs Meeting will be further informed of the achievements EASF has made up to now and seek the guidance of the EACDS to pave the way in the conduct of EASF activities in the coming year, the Director said.

The chairperson of the EACDS Gen. David Muhoozi, the Chief of Defence Forces of the Republic of Uganda noted that the Eastern Africa region still experiences security challenges that have led to untold suffering of its people through displacements and bloodshed. It is therefore essential that approaches beyond the existing measures are found to ensure greater regional security, including enhanced intelligence and information sharing. Joint efforts should be undertaken to increase pressure, deny sanctuary and eliminate the negative elements in the region, he added.


Photo Gallery: The EASF Chiefs of Defence Staff are in Khartoum





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